an ASP.NET Open Source CMS & eCommerce platform

About Us

We are located in WA, USA. Since early 2007 we started this project writing a secure, scalable and extendable eCommerce & CMS platform. Late in 2007 we released the first version of DotShoppingCart and turned the framework into an open source project. In early 2008 we came out with the second version which has complete CMS support to the framework. To further we opened a second office in Shanghai China and created Chinese website targeted for Chinese market.  

Our mission is the delivery of high quality products and services for all sizes of companies, which will allow them to maintain a successful online business. The success of our customers and partners is our success as well.

We truly believe in technologies. Technologies enable us to promise the following key features.

  • Stability
    We implemented monitor system to assure your stores are up and running.
  • Speed
    We make sure your store homepage gets loaded in customers' browser within 1 second on average broadband connections. We know Google homepage loads in 0.6 second on average but we are getting there. We also know most of your customers will give up if a page doesn't load in less than 6 seconds.
  • Just works
    We make sure everything out of box just works. Within a little configuration your store can be up and running with the full fledge features.