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New features in V4.5
In V4.5 we made the huge changes to implement the multi-vendor feature. We also added List Module and upgraded to ASP.NET 4.0.
There are many people asking for multi-vendor support. If you have purchased from or you will notice that there are many third party merchants are selling via these websites. Our multi-vendor feature is basically to enable you to have third party merchants selling via your eCommerce website. You can create a vendor account for each vendor which can be used to log into your site, add products and set up configuration e.g. shipping, tax rates etc. However vendor doesn't have the ability to define his own payment methods. The payment methods are set by site admin so that the end users can make one checkout and place one order which consists of items from different vendors. Upon receiving the order DotShoppingCart will split the entire order into shipments according to the vendors that will be fulfilling the shipments. Once vendors make their own shipments as shipped. The entire order will be completed.
Simplified Theme Selection
Now browsing all the available themes is simplified as a list of theme thumbnails.
Theme Import/Export
You can now import and export themes with just one click.
Tax Report
Tax report will help you prepare for filing local sale tax.
Custom Product Detail Page
We have a few pre-defined product detail pages. If you don't like any of those you can now have a way to customize the product detail page by defining a template using token and HTMLs. You don't need to write code in order to customize product detail page.
Category and Manufacturer Template
You can now define a template for each category and manufacturer. For example you would like run a promote ads on one category. You can now update the template of the category that you want to run ads on.
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Thank you for this useful information.
I am inexperiance to build up ECommenrce type sites.I have a little bits knowladge in Word Press.
So My question is "Am I build and maintain an ECommenrce site??"
I want to purchies it,but let me know whether I do it or not..
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