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New features in V3.0
The full multi-language support is the major feature in DotShoppingCart V3.0. You can now translate it to other language easily or create a language pack. Other features include unlimited product custom fields, product bulk import, site admin UI improvements etc. Check below for more details.
Multi-Language Support
In Site Admin you can now flip entire site into other language with just one click.
After click you will get this.
If you need to translate to other languages, please read how to create language pack for DotShoppingCart.
Unlimited Custom Fields
There were many people asking to how to extend the product table to fill in their extra product information. Now the unlimited custom fields can be added to both Product and Product Attribute. First you define the fields names in the store configuration. 
Then you can start filling in the custom values in both product and product attribute.
Product Status
You can now use Product Status to disable a product by setting it to "Inactive". Or you can set it to the status that makes sense such as "On backorder" etc.
Core Compone Source Code Package
For people want to customize the software completely you now have an option to purchase the source code for the core components. Here is a screenshot of the solution file.
What a great approach to the subject, I was looking for. Thanks for these tips
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