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New features in V4
You can take a look at the list of new major features in V4 below. V4 also comes with a long list of bug fixes.
Site Metrics using Silverlight Charting
There is a few trending charts in the admin homepage to give you the vistual overall performance of your site.
In the report sections you can drill your site metrics further down.
Form Module
Form Module gives you the ability to create any number of forms. You can use it to create surveys, collect user filled information or replace the default contact us form. You can customize how your forms like without writting any code. The submitted forms can be found and searched in the admin site. You can also send email or redirect to another page unpon the successful form submission.
Image/Photo Block
The image block is finally here. The sliding image block allows you to upload a bunch of images and auto slide those.
Two Tie Main Menu
Templatized Product Detail Page
Just like product summary grid you can now make your own product detail page template.
We also implemented Tab sytle for product descriptors.
Volume Pricing At Product Level
Send user the email to update credit card if authorization fails
Sending Low Stock Warning Emails
Prebuilt Roles
Now we added three prebuilt roles out of the box. They are "Administrator", "ProductManager", "OrderManager".
New User Welcome Email and Email Validation
You can now send new user welcome email automatically and can validate email address before enabling the user account.
Manufacturer Block
XML Import/Export
Bulk importing has never easiler. You can completely control all the product fields that you want to bulk insert/update into DotShoppingCart database. You can even add custom fields on the fly. We also added XML export so that you can transfer the product/category data to other platform with ease. 
Top Products Report
You can now view your top products in the date range that you define.
Very wonderful features and super innovation , it is clear how many efforts has been spent in this software . This software will amzingly facilitate the task of online retailers , thank you DotShoppinCart , I wish all the success for your company .
I was looking at this cart, and it reminds me a lot of candypress or shoppingtree. Very, VERY similar. Hmm... 
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