an ASP.NET Open Source CMS & eCommerce platform

DotShoppingcart Features

Store Design and Configuration
  • Easy-to-use Site Setup and Design Wizards with pre-designed themes and templates
  • Innovative block building page editor enabling you to customize the look and feel of every single page of your site
  • WYSIWYG Html editor
  • No programming skills required
  • Store styling via ASP.NET themes and skins
  • Customizing your own themes or purchasing extra themes from our marketplace
  • Content management to create unlimited web pages
  • Customizable email templates
  • Pre-built side boxes such as category, top seller, product reviews etc
  • Breadcrumb Trail
  • SEO built-in
  • Multi-language Support
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Full CMS Support
  • Create unlimited content pages
  • Content publishing using News and Blog modules View Demo
  • Full Blog module
  • Forums module
  • RSS feeds
  • FAQ module
  • Online help & Knowledge base module
  • RSS Viewer to display content from the feeds from other sites
  • Change history and revision support
  • Site search box searches all content
Product Catalog
  • Step-by-step wizard to add products easily
  • Product bulk import
  • Unlimited Categories, sub-categories, products
  • Products may be included in more than one category for easier maintenance
  • SEO for category and product pages
  • Sorting Products by featured products and price low to high, price high to low, name A to Z, name Z to A View Screenshot
  • Smart subcategories to further break down product into manufacturers and price ranges
  • Categories with a large number of products are separated into pages that keep page size reasonable and encourage longer shopping times
  • Full-text product search allows customers search any words or combination in product name description, price, SKU etc
  • Automatically adjust the order of displaying products based on popularity
  • Showing featured products, sale products or new products on any page including the storefront
  • Tree level category and subcategory
  • Auto generated product list view in category
  • Multiple product attributes support. e.g. Size, color, style
  • Upload Image for product attribute. e.g. You have product attribute color, red and blue. You can upload image for each color.
  • Auto generate image thumbnails and mousing over the small swatch displays the associated large product image View Screenshot
  • Attribute price adjustment. e.g. Size large add $2.00 to base product price
  • Multiple product images
  • Unlimited Custom Fields for product and attribute
  • Customizable product status
  • Upload large product images and different sizes of thumbnail images are automatically created in
    1) product icon displayed in mini-basket;
    2) thumbnail displayed on category pages; and
    3) the large image displayed on the product page.
  • Full size product images are displayed in the pop up window
  • Sell downloadable digital products
  • Detailed product description which can contain HTML so you can create good looking product descriptions
  • Setup pricing rules for customer groups (levels). e.g. Wholesale, Dealer, VAR etc
  • Product recommendation. e.g. You might also like one of these similar products
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Shopping Cart
  • Single page basket. Delete or update the qualities of items in the basket.
  • Permanent shopping cart that shopper can add items, leave and then come back to check out
  • Automatically calculate tax and shipping
  • Customizable checkout page and checkout complete page. Add customized return policy or ads tracking code etc.
  • SSL enabled security ensuring order protection
  • Support search engine conversion tracking
  • Product cross sell. e.g. recommend product accessories when a product is add to the basket.
  • Enter gift certificate and coupon
  • Support gift wrapping and gift note during checkout
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  • Ajax driven one page checkout View Screenshot
  • Anonymous checkout (check out without sign in)
  • Choosing from multiple payment methods (credit card, PayPal, Google Checkout, Check/Money Order etc) in single page
  • Traditional 3-Step checkout process
  • Save shipping/payment addresses and credit card if selected
  • Multiple shipping options
  • Get real-time shipping rate from USPS, UPS and FedEx
  • Calculate taxes based on destination
Customer Self-Service
  • Secure customer login
  • Update billing, shipping address & credit cards
  • View and track orders
  • Print invoice
  • Subscribe or unsubscribe mailing list
  • Submit online return request
  • Auto issue RMA based on predefined conditions
Payment Processing
  • Accept all major credit and debit cards
  • Support PayPal Standard, PayPal Express and Google Checkout
  • Real-time or offline credit card processing
  • Offline payment such as check, money order or bill me later
  • Support recurring credit card charge or subscription
  • Be able to use an existing merchant account if compatible
Shipping and Taxes
  • Real time shipping rates integrated with USPS, UPS and FedEx.
  • Customized shipping table
  • Calculate shipping rates by weight, price, location and more
  • Calculate shipping as a percentage of the order total
  • Calculate shipping based on number of products purchased
  • You can configure the shipping region for which each shipping method is valid for. Region are countries, states or zip codes. e.g. Alaska and Hawaii can be configured to use separate rates
  • Shipping methods can be assigned to user groups. e.g. wholesale group gets different rates than regular users
  • Offer free shipping
  • Support downloadable digital products
  • Customized tax table
  • Custom tax rate can be assigned to different Countries, states, cities, and zip codes
Order Processing
  • Smooth order pipelines guide you through order processing
  • Print order invoice and pack slip
  • Automatically email customers to announce order confirmation and shipping tracking# information
  • Tag tracking# to the order
  • Fulltext order search such as order number, first or last name, company name, address, order notes etc
  • Order history, and notes gives a complete background into what has happened with the order. No more guessing what has happened with an order
  • Changes in the shipment history are permanently recorded in the order notes
  • Edit order items allows you to edit the current items in an order, add new products to the order, and add other items such as discounts, shipping charges, etc
  • Order status is updated automatically such as credit card authorized, order shipped etc
  • Order status can be manually updated
  • Online return management and auto issue RMA# to customer. View Demo
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User management and Discount Group
  • Create unlimited discount group
  • Assign the fixed discount to the entire group
  • Fulltext user search to allow searching for users by last name, company name, email address and order numbers etc
Inventory Management
  • Track and manage inventory by color, size, and other variables. e.g. blue 4 in stock, red 3 in stock, rose 2 in stock
  • Inventory tracking can be enabled on a product by product basis. So your entire catalog is not required to use inventory control
  • Automatically updates unit in-stock quantity after each sale
  • Automatically hide products when products are out of stock
  • Inventory management reports
Marketing & Promotion
  • Create email campaigns and newsletters
  • Send emails to email list
  • Product cross sell View Screenshot
  • Product recommendation like other customer also bought etc
  • Order coupons. Provide a discount on the entire order. e.g. 10% off the entire order
  • Discount amount can either be a fixed value or a percent off. e.g. $10.00 off or 20% off
  • You can specify a start date and an end date when the coupon is valid
  • You can set the maximum number of uses
  • Support Gift certificate
  • Gift certificate code is automatically generated when payment is complete. Order completion email with gift certificate code is sent to customer.
  • Support issuing store credit
  • Data feed to Google Product
  • Allow customers to write product reviews and ratings
  • Require administrator approval of product reviews for all reviews
  • Require agreeing to customizable terms, and conditions before posting of review
  • Tell-a-Friend functionality
Reports and Statistics
  • Site statistics such as page views, unique users etc
  • Categorized source of users such as Google Ads, Yahoo Ads, Google organic search etc
  • Fully integrated with Google Analytics
  • New orders, users on admin homepage
  • Many usefully reports to show:
    • Daily sales report
    • Monthly sales report
    • Sales report can be categorized by payment methods
    • Show site daily page views
    • Who's online report shows customers that are actively browsing the store. Links to the customer profile page where you can view their current basket contents, and more View Screenshot
    • Customer tracking to show the navigation path that they were visiting your store View Screenshot
    • Show the referring sites where your store visitors come from
    • Show the keywords that bring your store visitors from the search engine
    • Coupon usage report shows coupon name, number of orders, and total of orders that have used the coupon
Web Hosting Features
  • Web space is included in your store plan
  • Domain registration
  • Make your domain registration private
  • Personalized SSL certificate
  • Dedicate IP address
  • Free emails with POP and SMTP access
  • Spam protection for emails
Customer Service
  • Getting Started checklist
  • Extensive online help and knowledge base
  • 24-7 email support
  • Telephone support available
  • Community forum support
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  • Consistent 99.9% uptime (scheduled system upgrade not included)
  • Windows 2003 Server, SQL Server 2005 and ASP.NET
  • Local and remote site backup