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Many of our customers struggled with the complexity of the software. To set up a full featured ecommerce web site they had to install different software e.g. shopping cart, wiki, blog, forums etc. Even though they might send time and effort to get all the pieces working these different systems work in the silos. The end customers had to use different logins to sign in to the different parts of the web site. Also the site owners had hard time to gather the useful information cross the heterogeneous systems. Now we have a solution for our customers looking for a powerful web site building platform.

Here are the reasons to use DotShoppingCart:

  • Web Site Made Simple
    Easy-to-use site setup and design wizards with pre-designed themes and templates can get your site up and running in minutes.
  • Flexible Customization without Coding or Programming Knowledge
    DotShoppingCart has WYSIWYG HTML editor and block building tools built in. The content management system allows you to create unlimited pages and articles. The innovative block building page editor enables you to customize the look and feel of every single page of your site.
  • Versatile and Feature Rich
    The pluggable modularized architecture meets all your needs to create and manage your web sites. All the functionalities break into the our unique server block framework. Each server block serves a dedicated feature. Many server blocks are integrated e.g. products category list, blog, FAQ, online help, RSS feed, RSS viewer etc. Whether it's a ecommerce business or a family Web site DotShoppingCart is the best one stop shop software for building your site.
  • Stress-free and Scalability
    Hundreds of our customers sites run though our hosted services. We make sure all of these sites get loaded in customers' browser within 1 second on average broadband connections.
  • Search Engine Optimized
    We put a lot of effort into ensuring that DotShoppingCart is optimized for search engines. Whether it’s search friendly URLS or properly structured content or products, you will find that DotShoppingCart was built to help your customers locate your content with ease.

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