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What's next?

We are now doing the feature planning for V3. If you saw our roadmap before, you would probably notice that we have some high level parts.

  • Multi-language support
  • Integrate Silverlight into site admin
  • Live Talk

Lot of people like our page editor. I really want to see the page editor to support drag and drop. If you know Popfly, you will know what UI it should be. Doing it in HTML is really hard to implement and maintain. So the current plan is to use Silverlight for the next version page editor. The chart reports stuff will be implemented in Silverlight as well.

Ads tracking and integration is another feature in my mind. I recently checked GA (Google Analytics) and found out it is very sleek. You can use it to track other online ads not just Google Adwords. So I think we will just keep our user tracking and statistics at very high level. You can view these when you log in to the store admin. If you need full detail then log in to GA to find out more. We will probably provider in site search report to give you some insights how people search inside your site.

Live talk is another usefully tool to engage with customers. We will investigate if it's worth to implement it.

Another very important feature for ecommerce is able to do A/B test on pages or maybe a group of pages such as multi-page checkout or one-page checkout. This is probaby over the scope of V3. But it's must-have feature to survivie in the modern ecommerce contest.

Let us know what features you would like to see in the V3.

New features in V2.3

In the new version 2.3 we improved one page checkout process. Now the step indicator can guide customer via the checkout process. If customer is not happy with the one-page checkout, he can switch back to the regular multiple-page checkout.

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