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One Page Checkout Screenshot
One Page Checkout View One page checkout increases the conversion rate and minimizes shopping cart abandon rate.
  • Ajax driven one page checkout
  • Anonymous checkout (check out without sign in) is also integrated
  • Choosing from multiple payment methods (credit card, PayPal, Google Checkout, Check/Money Order etc) in single page
Cateory Screenshot
Category View The auto-generated categories have several great features to help customer find product easily.
  • Smart subcategories to break down products into manufacoturers or price ranages
  • Show number of products in each category
  • Categories with a large number of products are seperated into pages that keep page size reasonable
  • Products in categories can be sorted by featured products, price low to high, price high to low, name A to Z, name Z to A etc
Product Detail Screenshot
Product Detail View The auto-generated product detail page has all the information needed for customer to know about this product.
  • Mutiple product images
  • Mousing over the small color swatch displays the associated large product image
  • Display or write product reviews
  • Ask question or send the link to friends
  • Smart product recommendations such as custom also bought, you might also like similar products etc
Add to Cart Screenshot
Add item to Cart When customer adds an item to shopping cart, it's a great time to cross sell accessories related to the product added to the cart.
  • Cross sell products
  • Recommend products such as custom also bought
  • Show mini-cart
Shopping Cart Screenshot
Shopping Cart Here is the list of cart view features.
  • Update and delete item easily
  • Estimate shipping cost
  • Support coupons
  • Support gift certificate/store credit
  • Allow gift wrap with gift note at additional fee
  • Customize your checkout policy
Whosonline Screenshot
Who is online? Whosonline is a very useful feature. It gives you a quick view of who are viewing your website, where (search engine, direct link, referral site etc) they are from and what they are doing. It also supports page auto refresh.
User Tracking Screenshot
User Tracking While whosonline view gives you just a live snapshot of your store visitors, user tracking records all the histroy information about all the visitors for a certain period. It has all these usefully informations.
  • Where visitors came from, Google Ads, Yahoo Ads, organic search?
  • Which search keyword brought visitors to your site
  • How long they stayed in your site
  • Which pages they browsed (Navigation Path)
  • What's in the shopping cart
  • Page views, IP address etc
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