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DotShoppingCart Suite V4.0 is released.
DotShoppingCart Suite 4.0 is now available for purchase. The major features include Silverlight charting report, Form module, Photo block, XML bulk product export/import, templated product detail page etc. Check the full new feature list.
I am very happy , I have been waiting for longtime for the release of this version to begin my ecommerce activity . I wish more success for DotShoppngCart .
Where is the full list of new features on v.4?
What is  the upgrad plan from V3.1 to 4.?
and How we can obtain?
Does SKU search problem for characters like - is fixed.
Just log in to our site and find the download button in the order detail page. Yes, you can find a configuration setting in web.config to set the search characters.
where is the source code
In my 3.11 DotShoppingCart version, I have changed some code.
Any list of files that are changed in the 4.0 version?
Any suggestion how to merge my version with the 4.0 version?
There are a few files that are changed in V4. You can use any diff tools out there. Windiff is free provided by Microsoft. You can also use the free software winmerge.
I was waiting for this version.
Version 4.1 release
Please can I have any notice about  version 4.1 release?
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<span class="short_text" id="result_box"><span title="" lc="Can you send me a copy, I test" kc="能发我一份吗,我测试一下" closure_uid_2z4unk="76">Can you send me a copy, I test.</span></span>
What time is completely open source
<span class="short_text" id="result_box"><span title="" uc="What time is completely open source" tc="是么时候能完全开源" closure_uid_vzok7b="124" style="color: #000; background-color: #fff">V4.0 , What time is completely open source</span></span>
Looking forward
Look forward to DotShoppingCart OpenSource Edition V3.0 (Source Code)
V3 open source edition full source package is posted. Please get it from the download page.
Congrats on V4.0.....It is so easy to use
Get it now
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