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New features in V2.2

In the new version 2.2 we added new features such as page group, SEO improvement, multi select product attribute, digital downloads, user referrers and two new server blocks: download button and content group list.

Page Group
  • You can group pages by using page groups. The breadcrumb is auto-generated based on page hierarchy.
Page Group


SEO Improvement
  • Define SEO tags such as page title, description, keywords in custom pages
  • Define SEO tags in product page, category pages
  • Define SEO tags in articles, content groups, blogs etc
SEO improvement


New Server Blocks
  • Download Button is created to support digital download files.
  • Content Group List block is to have the table of content view for your content group.


Digital Downloads Support
  • Upload download files and track its download count
  • Create download button on the page
  • Have an option to limit download page only to registered users


Product Attribute Improvement
  • Support multi-select attribute
  • Support user input attribute
User Referrer


Define Referrers and Track Users Precisely
  • Add match strings to specify how we track user referrer.
User Referrer


Other Improvements
  • Add/Update shipping estimates
When we can download the V2.2 Sourcecode file

hello,When we can download the V2.2 Source code file?

The new version is updated for DotShoppingCart Hosted Edition

This is for DotShoppingCart Hosted Edition. The open source edition is probably still where it is. You could find news about open source edition from here.

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