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What payment gateways are integrated into DotShoppingcart?

DotShoppingcart is fully integrated with the following popular payment gateways.

Payment Gateway Compay Website
PayPal Express
PayPal Payments Pro
PayPal Standard
Google Checkout
Chase Paymentech
LinkPoint payment gateway

LinkPoint payment gateway provider implementation is part of Commercial license ?


Paypal Pro

Any plan to add Paypal Pro to the list?

PayPal Payment Pro is supported

PayPal Payment Pro is supported already. I have added it to the list of payment gateway that DSC supports.

How about worldpay ?
If it's not listed here, then the answer is no.
Ogone :
Will it be possible to use ogone?
It's a software. With some customization you can use it with any payment gateway or provider. Is Ogone similar to PayPal? If so, it should be fairly easy to integrate.
Can we integrate a payment gateway like ProtX. Thanks.
Sure, you can. DotShoppingCart Credit card payment is implemented as provider model. You can write the credit card payment provider for ProtX.
How easy to implement a credit card payment provider like sagepay. Thanks.
It's very easy. Just derive from credit card payment provider and then implement 3 methods.
Is it possible to inmtegrate a payment gateway so as to enable the transaction trough local cards/ banks .
Yes, you can create a customized payment provider to talk to your local bank.
Hi Sidath,
I am planning to integrate with Sage myself. Did you manage to do it in the end. How difficult was it?
Thanks for any advice you can provide
I see Chase Paymentech listed above, but in configuring version 4.5, I don't see an option for Paymentech.  Is Paymentech still supported, or is the information here out of date?   If it is supported, then how do we configure for Paymentech?
Ah, looks like we didn't include it in the shipping package by mistake. Please send us a message via Contact Us and I will send you the Paymentech provider.
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