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What's DotShoppingCart Commercial License?

DotShoppingCart Suite and all the addons are licensed under DotShoppingCart Commercial License. It's not a open source license. One license is only for 1 website.

OK, but if I'm a developer, How does it work ?
Do I need to buy a full licence for each store I develop ? (995$ for each) ?

My question revolves around the licensing of the commercial license. As per above question, is the licence per website or server? Can you please clarify exactly how the license would work in SaaS type environment for multiple customers across multiple servers.
The license is per site or domain. We also have per server license which allows unlimited web sites or domains as long as they are hosted by the server. Please contact us for the server license.
how do i get a license
how do i go about getting a license
Click Buy tab on the main menu.
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