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What's the license difference between DotShoppingCart Open Source Edition and DotShoppingCart Suite?

DotShoppingCart Open Source Edition is licensed under DotShoppingCart Public License. DotShoppingCart Suite is built on top of DotShoppingCart Open Source Edition. There are two parts that compose the entire DotShoppingCart Suite, the open source part and the commercial part. The later part is licensed under DotShoppingCart Commercial License. You could extend and modify the DotShoppingCart Suite just like the Open Source Edition. But you cannot redistribute and resell the commercial part. DotShoppingCart Suite doesn't have the DotShoppingCart powered logo requirement. 

What is the detail difference between Open Source DotShoppingCart and DotShoppingCart Suite

Can you give us a detail comparison on two products?

What Features, Functions, or modules are in Suite but not in Open Source except the License.

Haiyan Du

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