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New features in V2.5

There are a lot of improvements made into V2.5. The page editor has been completely rewritten in JQuery. As a result you will notice a significant performance improvement when using page editor. Blog module has been enhanced as well. We added new blocks such as Tag Cloud, Article Archive, Recent Comments etc.

Page Editor

We were using Ajax Control Toolkit for a lot of UI controls. But it has some serious performance issue. After comparing several client side javascript libraries we ended up with using JQuery. The core JQuery library is just about 20K compressed. It's significantly smaller than Ajax Control Toolkit. With the new page editor we are able to cut the first page load time into half. On average US broadband you should expect less than 2 seconds load time on the first page hit. 

We also improved the page editor UI in a great deal. You can drag and drop any blocks. All the block configurations are happened in the same page. Below is a screenshot of the new page editor.

Blog Module

Trackbacks and pingbacks are now supported.

New blocks such as Tag Cloud, Article Archive & Recent Comments etc.

Is this available for download?
It will be downloaded via DotShoppingCart Suite soon.
We are releasing DotShoppingCart Suite V2.5 in a week or two.
DotShoppingCart Suite V2.5 is now released.
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