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Disable or remove certain UI pieces

I had people asking how to disable some UI pieces in some pages. Here are some detail questions and my answers.

1) how do I disable the action buttons e.g. "Ask a Question", "Update Alert", "Tell a Friend" in product detail page?

In web\store\ProductAction.aspx, find <asp:ImageButton id="btnAskQuestion", <asp:ImageButton id="btnUpdateAlert", <asp:ImageButton id="btnTellFriend" and put visible="false" inside the tag.

2) Remove register link

In web\controls\blocks\LoginMenu.ascx, remove line <li><a href="<%=SiteNavigation.RegisterPage %>">Register</a></li>.

In web\controls\core\Login.ascx, remove these lines.

<td class="logincell">

    <asp:Button id="btnRegister" runat="server" text="Create New Account" />

In web\controls\core\Login.ascx.cs, remove these lines.

btnRegister.OnClientClick = string.Format("'{0}{1}', '_self'); return false;",

    SiteNavigation.RegisterPage, string.IsNullOrEmpty(returnUrl) ? "" : "?ReturnUrl=" + returnUrl);

3) Remove customer Reviews in product detail page

In web\store\Product.aspx, remove those lines


    <td colspan="2">
         <dsc:ProductReviews id="prvReview" runat="server" />

In web\store\Product.aspx.cs, remove those lines

prvReview.Product = product;

4) Remove Redeem Gift Certificate in shopping cart page

In web\store\Cart.aspx, find <asp:Panel id="pnlGiftCertificate" runat="server"> and put visible="false" inside the tag.


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